Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Five fundamentals for devising your own profit making Internet Application

In the same way that everyone supposedly has a book in them or is likely to achieve 15 minutes of fame, does everyone have a web application, or at least a good idea for a web site or online service in them? My definitive answer to that questions is "probably".

I have devised a range of Internet Applications, some of which are already up and running and a lot more which I hope to launch over the coming months and years. As part of the process I have tried to distil the absolute key elements that underpin someone's ability to devise their own Internet Application.

1) Be passionate about what the applications does! If you don't love what the site is about, how can you possibly expect other people to appreciate it.

2) Really understand the environment in which the application functions. Just because you have an interesting angle for a site about quantum physics (for example), if you are not immersed in the subject matter yourself, you are unlikely to be able to really deliver for those people who live and breath quantum physics.

3) Clearly define how the application is going to make money and then forget about it - at least in the short term. I have seen a significant number of businesses fail because the focus was on making money, rather than delivering value to the customer. Concentrate on providing an outstanding experience for your users - the commercials will then start to fall into place.

4) Keep it as simple as possible. There are so many applications out there, if your target audience can't start using the site immediately (and getting immediate benefit) they will move on to something else.

5) Find a way that the application makes the users feel good about themselves, possibly through acknowledgement, reward or achievement. You need your application to be talked about (viral) and users will do that mostly when it reflects well on themselves.

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