Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Just because a town already has a coffee shop!

There is a theory that the best way to come up with a brilliant idea is to have lots and lots of ideas and one (or more of them) will prove to be a winner. When it comes to ideas for Web Sites and Online Applications this approach seems to come pretty naturally to me. Please don't get me wrong, this is not to say I have necessarily got that 'winning idea', what I mean is that I do have lots of ideas! However, many of them very quickly evaporate under closer scrutiny, normally because of a dawning realisation that in actuality, no one would really be that interested!

The ideas that get passed this initial stage are then often "brought down to earth with a bump" when investigation uncovers that someone else has already done the same thing! But here's the rub and the question that under such circumstances we should all perhaps be asking ourselves. "Just because it already exists somewhere else and in another form, does it follow that there still isn't a need and that you might not be able to do it better?" When I find myself in the "Oh hell someone else has already done it" situation, my colleague Tom often responds with "Just because a town already has a coffee shop, doesn't mean there isn't room for another one". And of course he is right.

I now refuse to be put off because my idea is not completely new. I can still make it different, because I will have my own unique ideas about how it can be done, Clearly you need to 'pick you opportunities' - but you may be surprised by how many businesses there still are out there waiting to be created. Still not convinced? A friend of mine (along with his sons) set up an online store selling iPhone and iPod accessories only a couple of years ago. I couldn't see it working, surely the market was already saturated? I heard yesterday that they are taking up to 1,000 orders per day! And Good Luck to them.

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