Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Looking back (quickly).

During the mid 1990s I invited a number of friends to a 'Domain Name Buying' party. We each came up with a list of desirable domain names and agreed that if they were available, anyone who liked a name could buy a share. The process went on for over four hours and included a significant quantity of alcohol. There is no doubt that in part the process took so long because we were connected to the Internet via a conventional telephone line (many years before broadband), but the real time consuming element was simply that all the names we came up with were already taken. We thought it would be easy - but it wasn't!

That idea that it would be 'easy' was, at least in part, the reason that I never got any of my early Internet ideas "across the line". Why I thought that the basics of '10% Inspiration and 90% Perspiration' did not apply in the same way to Internet ventures, as it does any other type of work, I don't know. Other than perhaps that I saw what seemed to be 1,000s of people becoming overnight .com millionaires and I (mistakenly) assumed it had just fallen into their laps. So when I realised it was going to be tough I went back to my original career in sales. With a young family and large mortgage it was not an unreasonable decision. However, I never forgot the 'buzz' I felt when I was devising different Internet applications and businesses.

In 2010 I started again - this time a little wiser, a lot older and determined not to give up as easily second time around.

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