Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Remember when trying to find a new Domain Name was fun?

Anyone who has set-up a business will recall the exciting moment when they came up with a name. I often remind people that there are other things in setting-up a business that are a lot more important to get done before coming up with the perfect name, but I am a bit of a spoilsport! And I can't deny that sitting in the pub debating a list of different words (both actual and made up) holds some very fond memories.

With the arrival of the Internet, this 'fun' had a new level of complication, as we try to not only come up with a unique name that matches what our new business does, but then an equally relevant and if possible, matching domain name. I clearly remember our innocent belief that we would easily locate really good and relevant domain names back in the late 1990s. I mean who else would want web sites with names like, and even How wrong we were! And that was over 10 years ago - so what are the chances of finding a good name these days?

Well it is not quite as bad as you might think. We recently registered names such as, and for some of our new business ventures. Not bad names at all and ones that I think a lot of people might believe would not be available. So what's the trick?

1) Don't be off put by quite long names, its not like 10 years ago, people don't expect every business to have a five or six letter url.
2) Don't think your name must reflects what you do as a business (just think of Amazon)
3) Check out sites selling domain names - it used to be that prices were ridiculous, but for less obvious names the cost has really dropped.
4) If there is a name you really want, it’s worth regularly checking its availability - you never know.
5) Maybe you don't need a .com or. extension, perhaps another extension would work for you?
6) Be prepared to keep at it, you may spend hours trying hundreds of different names, but you may well be pleasantly surprised.

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