Monday, 21 March 2011

Talking from the grave using Facebook, Twitter and Blogs

For those of you who are not aware, much of the stuff you read on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and the such like, are posted well in advance. There are numerous free tools and services that allow you to schedule your Facebook status or a tweet or a blog entry. In fact, in many cases you can schedule tens if not hundreds of posts in advance.

Cleary this has a significant advantage for businesses and the types of communications where sequenced messaging is an important factor. Also the ability to schedule specific times helps when you want posts to have the most impact in other time zones.

However, what happens when someone becomes incapacitated, sick or 'God forbid' dies having scheduled a number of future messages? (And of course no one will have a user password to cancel anything!) So like a voice from the grave or any echo from the past the posts will continue. At best possibly a little disconcerting, but really quite upsetting for family, friends and colleagues.

If Agatha Christie was still around I am sure she would have already spotted a great mystery based on scheduled messaging!

Examples of services that allow you to complete such scheduling include
Social Tomorrow

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