Saturday, 2 April 2011

Is it as embarrassing as seeing your Dad dance at the Disco?

I started using the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and the best of the rest, primarily as I needed to learn as much as I could about all the variants of Social Networking. Clearly LinkedIn was a bit different, in that I had signed up quite some time ago and was already convinced of the benefits. The others I have continued to use and must say, to a greater or lesser extent, enjoy. Although I cannot deny that often my main interest is to try and identify a different angle that just might provide the inspiration for the next 'big online idea'.

However, none these sites come close the 600lbs 'gorilla in the corner' that is called Facebook. The issue for me using Facebook is simple - its the younger generation who know me and who also use what is the biggest social network in the world. That means my daughter, nephews, nieces and their friends, most of whom I have seen growing up over the last 20+ years. Now you might think my concern is about what they post, and I must be honest and admit that it does some times stop me in my tracks. But genuinely that is not the issue - the concern I have is about what I post!

I am aware of the comments (not from my daughter) about why would Phil want to do this at his age? It is almost as if I was trying to somehow make myself younger or force my way into hanging out with the kids. Well I am very pleased to say that I have found the solution - basically I ignore the younger generation and do my own thing - very much as I do on the dance floor! The truth is they don't mind me dancing, its the fear of dancing with them that is their major concern. So I only have a cursory glance at their posts and very rarely reply, comment or even 'like'. I just concentrate on the other 'fossils' who are dancing around me.

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