Monday, 11 April 2011

A Web site needs as much pie as you do

Probably to my own detriment, I spent all my working life ignoring what many believe is a critical element to one’s ability to climb the slippery corporate pole. The model, which is supposed to make a substantive difference to an individual’s career, is called PIE.

The three parts of the PIE are as follows;
- Performance: The work that you undertake and how you deliver
- Image: How others see you, what they think of you
- Exposure: Who (the people) that get to learn about your Performance and Image.

Like me, many of you may find such an approach pretty galling. Surely it should be your ‘work’ that counts, rather than how your are viewed and whether or not the bosses know about you. To ‘rub salt into the wounds’, it is suggested that Performance only carries an overall weighting of 10%, compared with 30% for Image and a massive 60% for Exposure! I am sure we could debate this premise for many hours, however what struck me was how well aligned PIE is to getting a new Web site established.

There is always a lot of debate about when a site should be launched. The whole question of Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and the notion that it is often best to get the basics out there and then start to worry about refining the proposition. So if this element of any Web site is the ‘Performance’, does it follow that we need to put a huge amount of more effort into ‘Image’ and ‘Exposure’?

The answer would seem to be a resounding ‘yes’. Of course a site’s performance (user experience and stickiness) needs to be constantly improving, but without the Image and Exposure we are in the land of “Build it and they will come” ….and guess what – they don’t.

So how on earth do we get the necessary levels of Image and Exposure to take our new site to the desired levels, without spending all our money on marketing methods that can’t guarantee a return? That is just what I am trying to crack. If I work it out maybe it is another blog post – or perhaps not.

Off now to check that the boss knows who I am.

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