Tuesday, 19 April 2011

What are your specialist subjects?

If you have every thought about writing a book and sought advise from an established author, you are likely to have been told to "write what you know about". It makes perfect sense, why would you (at least for your first book) attempt a subject that you know nothing about? The same would seem to be true about your first online business venture.

Take some time out and make a list of the subject areas you know a lot about and/or where you have significant experience. Probably these 'areas' will include both business and social expertise. Your knowledge will not only underpin any online venture, but hopefully will also give you the initial idea. Your knowledge of the subject matter will help you have a far better chance of identifying a need. Now I can hear you saying, with all the millions of online businesses that exist, how am I going to spot a new or unique need?

Well there are two things to consider. Firstly refer back to my January 2011 post "Just because a town already has a coffee shop" - someone else is doing it, but that does not mean you can't do the same, if not better. Secondly, a 'need' does not have to be a huge requirement. Maybe other online businesses are already providing a very good product or service, but your knowledge and experience means that you can identify the 'slither' that is missing or the extra 5% that customers are really looking for.

Start with that list of what you are good at - you may be surprised by how it inspires you!

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