Friday, 2 September 2011

High value sales do not have to be complex

Sometimes it is us as salespeople who make the product or service that were are selling and/or the sales process itself overly complex. Because we think we have to!

If someone is potentially spending a large amount of money with us, then surely we need to cover every single aspect of what our product does, going into great detail about every aspect, feature and benefit? And yes sometimes the prospect will want and expect this. But how often do we over do it because we have convinced ourselves it is necessary? We think we need to prove just how much we know. I repeat again that with some prospects and clients we will be expected to be very granular about our offering, but make sure this level of granularity is dictated by the prospect, not by you.

Have in your sales armoury a range of approaches, so that if the prospect only needs to focus on one specific area of your offering, than let them do just that. Clearly you should always check if there are other areas that need covering, but don't drown them in unnecessary detail.

Also don't always assume that high value sales means 'complex sale' from a process perspective - experience shows us that often there are a remarkable number of hoops to jump through, but just occasionally a prospect will simply want to get an order placed as quickly and as simply as possible. So be open minded at the beginning, if not it might be you who convinces the prospect they need to spend for ever making a decision.

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