Monday, 17 October 2011

Want to sell to a new prospect? Ask for a job!

In any high value sales environment we know the importance of research - really understand our clients' business environment, needs and objectives. So what better way to achieve this than by going to work for them?

Sounds crazy? Well not really, if your client or prospect is serious about wanting to make sure they have the very best solution for their requirements. By letting you work for a couple of days (even if it is just a watching brief) in the area of the business that relates to their intended purchase, it should greatly enhance the chances of your proposal being directly aligned with their goals. Most large organisations are running internships all the time now, so why wouldn't they be able to accommodate your request?

OK, I accept that most of the time (but not all) you are going to get push back from your client, who will tell you that it is not feasible, can't be arrange, their HR Dept will not allow it, etc. But when you are trying to differentiate yourself against the competition think about the impact you can have by at least asking. They will certainly recognise that you are totally focused on understanding what they are about - to such an extent that you offered to work for them!

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