Thursday, 1 December 2011

Don't be frightened to say you will drop your price - even if you won't!

Too often as sales people we believe what we are told by prospects and
clients, particularly when it comes to the price of our products and
services. We start to shiver and shake as the client starts to talk about
price and tells us that our figures are simply way out compared to what they
had envisaged. "We simply do not have that sort of budget" is the cry we
hear from clients on so many occasions.

Perhaps sometimes rather than just taking the statement at face value, we
should push back? How about a response on the lines of "If somehow I could
get authorisation to lower our price, will you get the order placed
immediately so we are able to deliver against your original schedule?" I bet
very often, probably following a long pause from the client, you will get a
different reason (other than price) as to why they can't place the order.
More often than not, actually the real reason they are not currently willing
to buy - price was just the easy excuse. And by the way, should the client
actually say they will place an order if you drop the price, you have the
choice to do so, or not. Remembering you didn't say that you would drop the
price, you said "If somehow I could get authorisation to lower our price".

So where does such an approach get us? Well in the short term it may not win
you the business - but you were not going to win it anyway! What it does
give you is the real issue/s that you need to address and hopefully without
price now being the primary (false) objection.

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