Saturday, 25 February 2012

Don't be a 'Yes Man' - when the boss says 'No you can also say 'No'

Lets get on thing straight from the start, I am not some great champion of bosses. In fact I am the guy who often uses the expression "There are no bad workers, only bad bosses". Meaning that it is the boss's job to help their staff to be the best they can be - that is what they are there for!

That said, it does worry me the number of times I see sales people (and other job roles) automatically laying the whole responsibility for things going wrong at the feet of the boss. Almost as if somehow they go out of their way to screw up staff's lives.

My experience is that the vast amount of the time managers are doing what they believe is best for the business and could do with a little more support. Of course there are exceptions and you might well be working for one, but have a think before you criticise too much! How would you do things differently? It is funny that most managers in the past thought just the same as you and now end up getting the blame.

Just occasionally cut your boss a bit of slack and give them a 100% support. Often they are the difference between your success and failure - so why wouldn't you?

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