Saturday, 7 July 2012

One of the biggest crimes in proposal writing!

We all know the huge effort that needs to go into producing the best possible proposal. A document that pulls together all the elements of our understanding of a prospect's needs and then translates that understanding into a compelling proposition and solution. Such proposals can take tens, if not hundreds of man-hours of work, particularly when factoring in all the effort that has lead up to the development of the document throughout the sales campaign. Just think about the number of times you and your colleagues have worked late into the night to produce a proposal that has to be submitted urgently.

And then what do we do? Put the proposal in the post or send it as an email attachment, even though throughout the sales proces we have known the importance of face-time with the client, having got in front of them at every and any possible opportunity. It is almost as if we some how believe that presentation of the proposal is not part of the sales campaign.

Agree early with your prospect that you will come in and present the proposal to them, they will not always agree but to be honest to yourself and the level of effort you have put into the sales campaign, you must at least ask.

Perhaps you also need to challenge yourself a bit! If you are not willing or happy to present the proposal in person, is it because you are not as happy or confident about the content as you should be?

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