Thursday, 28 February 2013

Does Working FromThe Office (Rather Than Home) Improve Your Sales Performance?

While any sales person worth their salt is always going to want to spend as much time as possible in front of clients and prospects, I have often wondered when we are not doing that, where is the most effective place to work.

The answer is perhaps slightly different for each of us. For me it is a lot about the type of mood I am in. Sometimes I just want to get my head down and concentrate and luckily for me with a grown up family, I can do that at home. Often though I need someone to spark off, to have a chat about what is happening in mine and their world and just be in people's company.

I think the real trick begins with being totally honest with yourself. Which means if for a particular type of work or situation, while it might be easier not to get up early, get in the car and drive to the office, maybe you should make yourself. If you know your are a lot more effective, focused and productive when you are in the office, don't limit yourself by staying at home!

In Sales "effectiveness, focus and productivity" are directly related to performance and at the most basic level will increase the chances of you doing your numbers. BUT never chose or use the excuse of needing to go to the office instead of face-to-face selling time.

Very interesting article on the general subject of working from home published by the BBC 27th Feb 2013. It was inspired by the news that Yahoo intend to stop all home working - worth a read, link below.

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