Friday, 3 May 2013

Don't fall into the trap of trying to sell via email

Making initial contact with a new prospect via email is absolutely fine. But please do not expect a reply (well at least not 99% of the time).

I see so many salespeople firing off lots of emails and sitting there waiting for a response. As if they do not accept that the person they have emailed gets at least as many emails as them, if not more. And like the vast majority of us, the prospect/target ignores, or certainly does not respond to, the vast majority of unsolicited contacts.

Please at the end of any email, tell the person you are approaching that you intend to follow up with a call and then do it. We have talked in the past about the challenges of cold calling / prospecting and how most of us find it difficult. At least sending an email first means that your target (hopefully if they remember) have some understanding of why you are calling and your initial introduction is that much easier, as your are able to reference the email you sent.

I know this sounds obvious, but I bet there are 100,000s of email sent out to prospects each week that never get followed up and therefore just disappear into thin air!

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