Thursday, 27 June 2013

Confucius provides amazing sales insight!

When thinking of Confucius, I always imagine a philosopher and a teacher - but a sales person, well probably not. That is until I came across his following insight;

"Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand"

It is brilliant from a sales perspective and goes to the heart of the importance of not just listening, but also having a deep and meaningful conversation with your prospect about what it is that they are looking to achieve.

Involving yourself in the prospect's needs and really understanding them, will in turn draw the prospect into a deeper recognition of what you may be able to do to help them.

"Involve me and I will understand" becomes even more pertinent when thinking about any sort of sales demonstration. Get the prospect involved in the demo. If it is not practical for them to get 'hands on' at least make sure the demo is tailored as far as possible to their specific needs- so that they feel involved.

We recently bought a new car. Now I can remember in the past how car sales seemed to be all about talking at the prospect and often trying to get a decent test drive was like "pulling teeth". It seemed as if you almost had to prove you deserved a test drive. When we walked into the showroom, we were asked about the type of car we were looking for and then given a set of keys and told to go off by ourselves for a drive. "Aren't you coming with us I asked the salesman?" - "No sir, we let our product do all the talking that is necessary".

From that moment we were "involved", quickly "understood" and yes, we bought the car!

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