Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year’s Resolutions – Share yours with your customers!

Only at this time of the year do we really have the chance to informally drop into conversation with our customers just how committed we are to them.

Make it personal – talking in terms of how YOU want to help your customers achieve their goals during 2014. Try something like “I have made a New Year resolution to try and make sure that my colleagues and I have an increased understanding of your goals this year, so that we can even better align our services and products to your objectives”.

At the very least it will show that you are committed to your customer and willing to take some personal responsibility. After that it is all upside. Perhaps your customer will immediately start to talk to you about developments and changes within the business and their aspirations for the New Year. You might even get the opportunity to suggest a management briefing covering their plans for the coming 12 months – so that you can make sure you deliver in a way that helps your customer be even more successful this year.

Happy New Year and have a great 2014. 

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