Thursday, 27 March 2014

Prospects will not care about how much you may be able to help, until they know how much you care

In any sort of complex sale we know there has to be at least some elements of relationship building. Your client or prospect needs to have confidence in you as an individual and ideally like you. Sorry, I know it may be as 'old as the hills', but it still remains true - 'People buy from people they like'. Once a client or prospect gets to this stage, then they can then start to believe that you also 'care'.

So the challenge is, how do you show how much you care, without going over the top, without seeming to be fawning or sickly sweet? The answer is again one from the Sales Book 101, but is as fundamental a part of selling as you can get. You listen! In fact more than just listen, you listen hard. Even when you think you understand, you ask and listen hard again.

Too often in selling, the critical importance we attach to 'listening' is based solely on a need to get as best an understanding as possible of the client's or prospect's needs. But that is to miss another significant reason for listening and listening again - it shows that you care. It means that you really want to know everything you possibly can about the situation, environment, issues and problems. Without that knowledge how can you care?

The harder you listen, the more you will care and be seen to care.

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