Monday, 16 June 2014

TOP 10 sales competencies - not much changes

I was intrigued to find the following document in my files when I was having a clear out recently. I remember using it as an interview aid for sales people, asking them to rate themselves 1-10 with regard to their strengths. My best guess is that this 10-15 years old. What struck me was despite how products and the sales environment has altered, what makes successful sales people seems to have hardly changed at all!

Commitment - Willing (within reason) to take personal responsibility to do whatever it takes to succeed
Drive - Self-motivation leading to always wanting to excel at what you do
External Relationships - Constantly deliver additional value to both existing clients and new prospects on both a personal and business level
Goals - Know what must be done to achieve targets and have a clear written plan to achieve these objectives
Internal Relationships - Recognise the need and has a natural empathy and desire to engage with colleagues
Managing Yourself - Combining self control, confidence, resilience and handling of rejection
Product Knowledge - In depth knowledge of product/service that enables to offer solutions directly aligned to needs
Sales Process - Understand what it takes to build and implement a strategy to win business
Situational Awareness - Understanding the client environment, their goals and objectives
Accountability - Does not externalise, blame others, company, prospects, the past, etc.

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