Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Why Google and the word 'intrigued' is so helpful in sales!

Anyone who has been involved in selling for a short while quickly learns the importance of getting a prospect talking about what they want to do - what they are looking to achieve. Without such insight we are unlikely to be able to align our product or service as accurately as we should to the prospect's needs. Easy to say, but often difficult to do, particularly if we have never spoken to that person or business before.

Start with a Google search and find out something new about the prospect. Be it a product introduction, a new market they have entered, a take over, new personnel, whatever jumps out at you as being a bit different. Even better if you can align what you find, all be it in a relatively tenuous way, with your own offering. Maybe for example you have a client that you have helped in the past that moved into the same new market as the business you are researching or as simple as someone from one of your clients has moved to join them.

Now you have a reason to call and be 'intrigued'!

I was intrigued to learn that you have ........
I was intrigued to see that you .........

And when asked why you are intrigued? Because I have a client who did exactly the same and we help them in this way. Because I worked with this person when we helped them with that project.

Get 'intrigued'

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