Monday, 2 February 2015

Be willing to take “No” for an answer and move onto the next “Yes”

It is a sad but true fact of sales life that we cannot win every piece of business that we go after – however good you are! For most of us we look at a pipeline ratio in the region of 3-to-1. For every three opportunities we work on, we will win one. Now we can argue about that ratio and how it may be different for different markets, but with very few exceptions, I am sure we can agree that we lose more than we win?

So with that in mind, try and see rejection in a slightly more positive light. At the very least, if it is a numbers game and you win one in three, then the more times you get a “No” then proportionally the more “Yes” you will receive.  It is not the number of times that we hear “No” that causes failure, but how we react to that word. Seeing “No” as a reason to kick-on to the next “Yes” is the trick.

Also with the right attitude and by paying close attention to what happens, each rejection you deal with will be a learning experience. With every rejection, you'll want to take a time to analyse the situation in order to benefit from it. Rather than letting it ruin your attitude for the next time, you should find yourself saying, "What have I learnt and how can I apply what I now know that I didn't before?"

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