Wednesday, 6 May 2015

In Sales keep using the "A" word.

In B2B sales we should occasionally try to distil down to the most basic level what it is we are attempting to do and by doing so then build back up from that position to make sure we don't lose sight of that primary objective.

And what is that primary objective? What are we selling? What are we asking the clients to pay us for?

The "A" word - Achieve. By buying something from us, our client is looking to 'achieve' something for their business that they would have otherwise not done. In a commodity sale it may well be down to price and delivery - we are helping them to achieve a better price than they would otherwise have done or achieve delivery of product more quickly that they would have done. In selling services we are perhaps helping them 'achieve' greater levels of efficiency than they have previously been able to manage. Selling Sales & Marketing solutions - you are helping them 'achieve' higher and/or more profitable levels of business.

You get my point? Any sale should help the client achieve what they need to do and ideally achieve more effectively than they otherwise would have been able to!

So on this basis, how well do you know and understand what your clients are trying to achieve in their business? Without knowing how can you really engage in a meaningful way and of course always remember the competition may know already.

The answer? Just ask!

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