Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Don’t forget to keep asking question when presenting

Presentation or demonstrations should not mean that the sales person believes they do all the talking. The importance of asking questions is not confined to the needs and problem identification stage.

Asking questions as part of the presentation can be critical. It provides the opportunity for you to confirm you have fully understood the prospect’s needs. In most basic terms it is the simple question – “Is this what you are looking for?’ Also questioning enables the salesperson to establish if the prospect has fully understood the proposition and not been turned-off by technical jargon or not seen how what is being presented relates to their requirements.

This approach gives the prospect the opportunity to ask anything that they are not happy about or that is not entirely clear to them. Too often salespeople think that presenting has to be one way traffic and actually miss one of the core opportunities to enter into meaningful business discussion, which in turn underpin an eventual successful sale.

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