Tuesday, 12 January 2016

“We don’t have the money” - "Like it, but can't afford it"

Heard these before - perhaps these statements feel like a constant barrier to your sales success?

The answer is relatively straight forward once you come to terms with what you need to do. You have to find the money for your customer or prospect!

When you hear “no money”, what that really means is, “we aren’t sure about the value.” Price and cost is all relative to value. Are you and thereby your client really clear on what the value is to them? Once you are sure of the value, then you can go in search of the money, because you can show the savings or the increased revenues/profit and or both. Having a clear view of the value enables you to challenge the client to find the money - such a challenge may be a soft challenge for example "Might there be another budget that you could access so as to accelerate the value we have now established?"

What you are really saying is can you afford to leave the value we have now established on the table and not realised?

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