Tuesday, 16 February 2016

To become a better listener start by clearing your mind

Make sure you are feeling as positive about the subject, the environment and the person who is talking to you as possible. Ask yourself if you are really ready to listen. Really listen and listen hard! How do you expect this conversation to go? Try to always keep an open mind. Put your assumptions aside, and listen for new or different information.

Don’t judge during the conversation and let the person finish. Even ask them to confirm they have covered everything they wanted to cover before you reply. Remind yourself that 99% of the time there is at least some element of truth in what anyone says and more often than not they really do believe in what they are saying, rather than our possible perception of them just being awkward or cantankerous.

Starting with a clear mind and even a neutral position on the subject being discussed will make you a much better listener and practically guarantees a better outcome.  

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