Friday, 12 January 2018

Avoid time looking in the rear view mirror

When wishing people Happy New Year I always try to ask them what they hope the new year holds for them. Rather than taking them backwards and asking "How was 2017 for you?"

The idea that everything is about today and tomorrow is not quite true, we do need to enjoy our past successes and learn from our mistakes, but I do worry about the number of people I coach that spend far to much time looking in the 'rear view mirror of life'. They can provide the greatest detail about what has or has not happened in the past, and very often identify where things went wrong, but shrug their shoulders when I ask about plans for the upcoming 12 months.

In business we often use the tactic of "What isn't measured, does not get done", in other words if you do not identify your objectives and then review your progress, it is highly likely nothing is going to happen. Such an approach will probably mean that the upcoming year will be much the same as all the previous! This does not mean that I necessarily advocate that we all need detailed 'Life Plans' that we stick to with the zeal of the most driven life coach, but we do need to know what we would like to achieve. At least a 'direction of travel' with regard to our home and work life.

From a career perspective try to at least be able to verbalise what you hope the future holds. Even if it is no more than an intention to continue improving in what you do, establishing yourself as a more and more valued employee and using the time as a foundation for future years. It has to be so much better than a shrug of the shoulders and a return to the rear view mirror.

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